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Pollinator Guide

Pollinator Guide

Pollinator Guide

Planting a pollinator-friendly garden might sound like a lot of work but it is really easy if you just keep a few things in mind when choosing your plants. 


You should always plant a wide variety of colourful flowers and plants. Butterflies will love orange, white and yellow while hummingbirds will love orange and red. Bees see with ultraviolet signals and buttercups are a plant that will give out these signals to bees. Bess will also like yellow, blue and purple flowers and another thing they will love is flowers with sweet fragrances.  

Flower Shape 

Planting flowers that are small and tube-like will help to attract bees, moths and other pollinators with a long proboscis, while long tube-like flowers are great for attracting hummingbirds. Another thing to keep in mind is that butterflies need to land when they eat, so mid-sized flowers with open petals are best for them.


The plants that you have for your pollinators will provide a very good food source you must remember that all of these pollinators will still need to drink water. Since you want to keep your pollinators coming back it is important to provide them with everything that they will need. You can remedy this easily by getting a birdbath for your birds, the bees will also start to use the birdbath, just put in small rocks for them to land on. Butterflies will prefer muddy waters so you will have to have an alternative water source for them. 

  1. Use plants that will bloom throught the entire growing season.

  2. STAY ORGANIC! Chemicals will hurt or kill your pollinators.

  3. Plant big patches of a large variety of pollinator attracting plants.

  4. Remember that it will take time to get all the pollinators to your garden. take good care of your garden and the pollinators will follow. 

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