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Butterflies are known as one of the more beautiful insects that you can find flying around, and seeing them flap around in your garden makes for a very pretty picture. However, butterflies have more use than just looking pretty although their beauty is of course an added benefit. 

Much like bees, butterflies will be helpful in pollinating your garden. Their bodies collect pollen and then carry it to other plants, this helps fruit, vegetables, and flowers to produce new seeds. It is said that having butterflies in your garden is a key indicator of a healthy garden and environment. But butterflies are not just useful for pollinating your garden they are also a much-needed element in the food chain of your garden life. Butterflies will eat the leaves off of your plants which will help thin them out before autumn. They will also eat the seed pods and flowers which also helps to keep some of your plants from growing or propagating out of control. Another way in which butterflies are essential to the food chain is that they are a natural pesticide! They will eat many of your pests that damage or destroy your plants, although it is worth noting that if your intention is to have butterflies in your garden you should take care not to use any chemical pesticides as butterflies are extremely sensitive to poisons. Lastly, although it might not sound pleasant butterflies play an important role by being food for other creatures in your garden such as lizards, spiders, and birds. So having butterflies will also attract other insects to your garden that will be beneficial for your plants and flowers. 

Below is a list of succulents that will help attract butterflies to your garden.

  1. Aloe Aculeata 

  2. Aloe Petricola

  3. Aloe Speciosa

  4. Aloe Arborescens

  5. Aloe Claviflora

  6. Aloe Pictifolia

  7. Aloe Rupestris

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