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Attracting birds to your garden will take a little more work than attracting bees ao butterflies, but it will definitely be worth it. Birds are the most effective method of pest control in your garden and they are far safer than using any pesticides. Bluebirds, cardinals, chickadees and sparrows eat a variety of insects including aphids, mosquitoes, spiders, grubs, slugs and plenty of other creatures that might be unwelcome in your garden. The larger birds such as Kestrels, owls and hawks will keep your garden free from rodents like mice, rats, snakes and voles. And then, of course, you get your pollinator birds like which will boost your garden life, hummingbirds, orioles and other birds that sip nectar are very efficient pollinators of garden flowers which can give your flowers a colour boost and that in turn will attract even more birds. Some birds will also prevent and contain weeds by eating the seeds before they have a chance to sprout. The best birds for this purpose are finches, towhees and sparrows. 

Birds such as cardinals, finches and robin's will add colour and lovely music to your garden... Birds are not just good for your garden life they can also be good for you as well. Sitting in your garden and watching or hearing the birds sing can have a soothing effect, helping to relax and put you in a better frame of mind. 

Some of the best ways to attract birds is to have a birdbath in or near your garden or you could use a bird feeder, but be sure to put food in there that you know birds would be unable to resist. 

Please note that if you have cats or dogs that are prone to try and catch birds then it would be best to try and keep your garden bird-free. 

Below is a list of succulents that will help attract birds to your garden. 

  1. Aloe Broomii

  2. Aloe Marlothi

  3. Aloe Aculeata 

  4. Aloe Arborescens

  5. Aloe Brevifolia

  6. Aloe Cryptopoda

  7. Aloe Grandidentata

  8. Aloe Greenii

  9. Aloe Maculata

  10. Aloe Pearsonii

  11. Aloe Reynoldsii

  12. Aloe Striata

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