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Unfortunately when most people think Bees the first thing they think about is the pain of their stinger! People forget that Bees are one of the most important insects that you can have buzzing around in your garden. As pollinators, bees play such a vital role in every aspect of the ecosystem. 

Their role as pollinators supports the growth of trees, plants, flowers and they are absolutely vital to the growth of tropical forests, the savannah, woodlands, and temperate deciduous. Without bees carrying pollen from plant to plant and flower to flower, they would be unable to reproduce and would eventually die out. And it is not just plant life that benefits from bees... In fact, bees are responsible for 85% of all food crops for humans as well as numerous crops that grow the food that cattle eat. Another amazing thing about bees is that by keeping plants alive and healthy they are also providing food and shelter for millions of insects and other animals large and small all around the world. Bees have even managed to evolve to a point where there are dozens of solitary bee species that will pollinate a single type of plant, and without that specific bee's complete devotion to that particular plant, the plant itself would be unable to reproduce and become extinct. 

This is why it is so important to have bees in your garden, They will help your plants and trees to grow healthy and strong. People who are already familiar with this information sometimes take great care to plant flowers and other garden life that will specifically attract bees to their garden. This is a very smart thing to do and we highly recommend that you take the same steps to ensure that your garden not only survives but thrives as well. At the bottom, we have listed a few succulents that are guaranteed to attract those much-needed bees into your garden. 

  1. Aloe Polyphylla

  2. Aloe Aculeata

  3. Aloe Africana 

  4. Aloe Broomii

  5. Aloe Castenea

  6. Aloe Claviflora

  7. Aloe Cryptopoda

  8. Aloe Grandidentata

  9. Aloe Khamiesensis

  10. Aloe Lineata

  11. Aloe Marlothii

  12. Aloe Melancantha

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