Aloe pictifolia

Aloe pictifolia is a small plant from a very limited distribution area. It grows on cliffs in the Kouga Mountains and the Baviaanskloof north of Humansdorp in the Eastern Cape. The plant may grow several rosettes, branching from the base. 

The leaves are long and narrow, blue-green, grey-green or even pinkish in colour with many small white spots scattered along both surfaces. There are small teeth on the margins only. The leaves curve downwards, sometimes also sideways; often not in a very symmetric or regular pattern. 

The inflorescence is an unbranched conical raceme of up to 35 cm. The flowers are red; pendulous once they open. The specific epithet pictifolia means painted leaves, referring to the little white leaf spots (Van Wyk and Smith, 2003).


Photo: Ivan Latti

Author: Ivan Latti

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