Aloe integra


Author: Ivan Latti

Aloe integra is a small grass aloe bearing yellow flowers, often shortly after the winter grass fires. The flowering season changes according to the timing of the all too regular fires. The plants grow solitary or in small groups. Older plants clump from several stemless leaf rosettes.

The leaves are glossy green and the leaf margins white, usually without teeth, otherwise with tiny teeth. In winter the leaves die back, the dead leaves or leaf tips remaining in several layers upon the plants. Several single or unbranched racemes with rounded tops from many flowers may arise from one mature leaf rosette.   

One finds this plant in Mpumalanga, west of the Kruger National Park and in Swaziland near the escarpment. The species is considered to be vulnerable in its habitat early in the twenty first century (Craib, 2005; Van Wyk and Smith, 2003;