Aloe hereroensis


Author: Ivan Latti

Aloe hereroensis, in Afrikaans commonly the vlakte-aalwyn (plains aloe) or sandaalwyn (sand aloe), usually grows a single rosette, but may branch into clumps of up to three similar ones. The lower leaf surface is characteristically spotted, especially in young plants, whilst the upper one is clear of such spots, distinguishing the species from the maculate aloes.

The inflorescence is usually repeatedly branched, resulting in an elaborate panicle of short, capitate racemes. Flower colour may be red, yellow or orange.

The species distribution is in the Northern Cape and western Free State, as well as in Namibia and Angola. The natural habitat of this plant is the dry and sandy places. The species is not considered to be threatened in its habitat early in the twenty first century (Van Wyk and Smith, 2003;

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