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Aloe globuligemma

Aloe globuligemma has slender procumbent stems that creep and root to establish a clump of rosettes, often in the bushveld semi-shade. The vigorous winter flowering is spectacular. Long arrays of rose-coloured buds, whitish towards the tube mouths are quite unlike other aloe flowers.

The purplish to deep brown filaments tipped with orange anthers are excerted, as is the pale yellow style. This changes the flower’s appearance dramatically from the earlier simple look of the closed globular buds (Reynolds, 1974).


Photo: Lorraine Vermeulen

Author: Ivan Latti

Aloe globuligemma flower

Flowers of Aloe globuligemma start off as globular, beady red buds along the upper side of flowering stems of the branched panicle. The perianths tend to become lighter in colour as they open.

The grey S-shaped leaves have charm, but when the winter flowers appear, the plant really becomes special to aloe lovers.


Photo: Lorraine Vermeulen

Author: Ivan Latti

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