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Aloe reynoldsii

Aloe reynoldsii

Aloe pretoriensis will grow well in a pot plant or cultivation, it works particularly well in water-wise gardens and rockeries, it will grow well in semi-shaded areas with morning sunlight and afternoon shade. It should be planted in well-drained soil. During hot weather be sure to water your aloe once a week and only twice a month under normal summer temperatures and only once a month during winter. When removing mature plants from the soil or repotting into bigger pots leave your succulent out of the soil for two or three days for it to dry, then cut off the old roots to prevent rotting and promote growth. Be sure to sow your seeds during the warm months on coarse river sand and lightly cover the seeds with sand. Your seeds will germinate after 3-4 weeks, wait 1 or 2 months after germination to transplant your seedlings. Your seedlings must be moved into a medium of 2 parts coarse river sand and 1 part well-rotted compost. This succulent is highly susceptible to aloe cancer, whit scale, rust, and aphids. All of this can be controlled by using a fungicide or pesticide application.

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