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Aloe pearsonii

Aloe pearsonii

Aloe pearsonii is not an easy succulent to grow and maintain, It will struggle greatly if removed from its natural habitat. To ensure success your succulent needs to be in hot weather, this means that you must be sure to plant it in a location that will provide it with full sun. It is possible to grow this aloe from offsets and cuttings but this is not the recommended method as aloe pearsonii takes a substantial amount of time to grow new roots and there is always the risk of disease or over-watering. The best method to use would be to sow your seeds as fresh as possible in late summer before winter starts. Use coarse river sand and cover them lightly and be sure to keep them moist. After germination when your plants have reached 20-30 mm in height you can transplant them. Use a sand-loam medium this time and feed your succulent with an organic-based fertilizer once a month.

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