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Aloe grandidentata

Aloe grandidentata is easy to grow succulent and does well in gardens. Grow then in well-drained sandy soil in a semi-shaded or open and sunny location. You should water modestly or very sparingly during summer. They will be happiest in hot dry weather conditions and can withstand moderate frost.
Aloe grandidentata are well suited to water-wise gardens, rockeries and containers. Plants sucker freely and clumps expand to form large groups. You must grow your aloe from seeds, sown in well-drained soil in a seedling tray, during spring or summer.
Or lift and divide the small clumps and remove the small plants from the mother plant(offsets) in late spring. Common problems with aloe grandidentata are overwatering or growing them in wet conditions. They are also prone to sapsucking insects which can often be found near the base of the plant beneath the leaves. As well as pests like aphids, mealybug and white aloe scale. It can also develop fungal diseases like root rot and leaf spot.

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