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Aloe ferox

Aloe ferox is one of the low-maintenance succulent plants demanding little pruning and trimming during the year. It is a slow-growing plant reaching heights of six-nine feet tall and breadth of up to three-five feet wide.
Aloe ferox prefers indirect sunlight or even artificial light. It is completely intolerant of cold weather and will only do well in warm, moist weather. This succulent is also drought tolerant and will survive without daily watering, also preferring little or non-continuous irrigation.
You should nourish your plant during the summer months with liquid fertilizer two-three times per season. When planting or transplanting this aloe use well-drained sandy soil and place it where it will receive full sun. It is best to plant or transplant during the dry season but be sure to water the plant for a few days before transplanting.
Aloe ferox is unfortunately susceptible to mealybugs, plant scale, and mites. It can also be attacked by diseases like leaf spots, galls, aloe rust and bacterial infections.

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