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Aloe chabaudii

Aloe chabaudii is very easy to grow and requires very little care. It can be grown in containers but be sure to always use good quality, loamy sandy soil with plenty of drainage chips at the bottom of your container.
This succulent will tolerate weekly watering during summer and once a month or not at all during winter. If watered correctly this aloe will flourish and flower profusely, however it can handle long periods of drought. If you water incorrectly or have a poor drainage system or have too much shade your aloe could have an attack of pests or disease.
These plants are slow growers but can increase their height by 10-30cm per year under the right conditions. It can also handle a small amount of frost during the cold season but they do prefer hot summers. Aloe chabaudii will grow far better outdoors during spring and summer. In a mild climate, it can be cultivated outdoors and used for landscaping, preferably planted in hot and dry rock gardens.

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