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Aloe castenea

Aloe castenea grows well in cultivation and is suitable for rockeries and water-wise gardens, where winter is cool and there is light or no frost.
This succulent must be planted in well-drained soil and will grow best n full sun. During very hot summer weather be sure to water your plant once a week and during normal summer temperatures only water your aloe twice a month. Be sure to only water once a month during winter.
It is important that when you remove a mature plant from its soil leave it out of the soil for two to three days and cut off the old roots to prevent rotting and to promote the growth of new roots. Sow your seeds during the warm months with coarse river sand and always cover the seeds slightly with a layer of sand no more than 2mm deep, and keep the medium moist. The seeds will germinate after three or four weeks. Transplant your seedlings two-four months after germination. Your seedlings must be transplanted into a medium consisting of two parts coarse river sand and one part well-rotted compost.
Aloe castenea is prone to gall mite ( aloe cancer), white scale aphids and rust. This can be controlled by a fungicide or pesticide application. You can also prevent plant infection by sterilizing your growing medium. Always monitor for pests and control them at an early stage to prevent them from spreading. You should remove and dispose of plants infested will gall mite as it is difficult to treat.

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