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Aloe broomii

Aloe broomi is an ideal water-wise plant, it is frost resistant and also makes a great focal point and structural plant in a landscape garden. It also an excellent choice for a rock garden.
If your aloe broomii is in a sunny position in well-drained sandy, fertile soil add plenty of compost and bone meal to your planting hole and regularly give your newly planted aloe plenty of deep watering. Remember to not water it at all during the rainy season.
Add a thick mulch of compost to feed the plant and keep it cool, the mulch will also help to decrease weed growth. Propagate aloe broomii from fresh seed and sow in the summer. Use a well-drained, sterile, sandy medium and cover your plant lightly with a 2mm layer of sand. Keep your plant moist and warm by putting it in a sheltered area that receives good light but not direct sun.
Germinating will normally take place within two to three weeks during the warm summer months. When your plant is germinated harden them off by gradually exposing them to direct sunlight. Pick out when your seedlings are 20-30mm tall then pot them into a mixture of two parts sand, one part loam and one part compost. Be sure not to over-water the seedlings as this can cause rot.
Aloe broomii is vulnerable to snout weevil, scale infestation and fungal infection. You can fight the snout weevil with Ripcord during October and November when the eggs are laid. Treat the scale infestation with mineral oils like Alboleum or Oleum. If your plant is well grown, healthy, and in the correct position the chances of a fungal infection are slim, but should your plant get infected treat it with a fungicide.

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