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Aloe aristata

Aloe aristata can be grown indoors and outdoors.When planting this succulent in a pot indoors make sure to put your plant near a window that gets plenty of bright but also indirect light.
Always rotate your plant once or twice a week to ensure that all sides get equal lighting.If you are planting outdoors make sure to provide light shade, particularly during the hottest part of the day. Plant this succulent in well-drained soil that is specially formulated for succulents. Drainage is important as too much water will cause the roots to rot.
Aloe aristata does well with regular watering but for short periods it can be very tolerant of drought. Always water your plant well but only when the soil is dry and cut down on water during winter. Also never let water stand in the rosettes. Aloe aristata does not need fertilizer but it can benefit from the extra nutrients. If you wish to use fertilizer do so only during spring and summer.
Since this succulent is not fast-growing it is doubtful that it will need repotting, so repot during spring into a container only slightly larger in diameter than the previous container.You can do this every few years to prevent it from becoming rootbound.

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