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Aloe africana

Aloe africana like all succulents must never be allowed to sit in stagnant water. You should always closely monitor your aloe for signs of overwatering. It is also not a very fast-growing plant and will hardly ever need repotting. If your aloe is tipping over or has stopped growing use a fast drawing potting mix with one-third sand or pebbles.
During the repotting of a large plant, it is possible to divide the root ball carefully. Aloe africana needs strong, bright light as it prefers warmer temperatures. It will bloom in spring giving you beautiful orange flowers.
Aloe africana thrives in coastal gardens but also as a pot plant. They prefer windy and sunny conditions and are very tolerant towards other plant species. They often share their habitat with other succulent plants. They are not frost tolerant but can survive a light frost. This species is also relatively pest-free but can occasionally be attacked by aloe snout weevil. Overwatering will also lead to fungal infection and rot.

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