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Aloe aculeata

Aloe aculeata is easy to cultivate, provided it is planted in a well-drained area and is given enough water but always be sure to not overwater.You can plant this aloe outdoors in raised beds or terraces as long as it is sheltered from winter rain or you can plant it in a pot and place it on a bright windowsill.
Dispersion takes place by seed since the plant hardly produces offsets. The best time to sow the seeds would be in spring or summer when the temperature is warm. Cover the seeds lightly with a course of well-drained sandy soil and keep it moist. You must keep the humidity levels high for the first two weeks by covering them with a sheet of glass or perspex. After two weeks remove the glass/perspex and replace it with a light shade cloth. Following that mist your plant once or twice a day for two weeks then reduce it to every second and then every third day as it grows.
When you fertilizer always use a light fertilizer that is formulated specifically for succulents. They can do well in very poor soil so use a limited amount of fertilizer. If you are planting in a pot make sure to use shallow pots and provide good drainage, it can also stay in the same pot for years. Aloe aculeata prefers light shade to full sun, in optimal light conditions it will turn a beautiful red or orange. Aloe aculeata will need regular water during summer but since it is dormant during winter it will need little water.
Make sure to remove old flower stalks after flowering and seeding. Aloes are also prone to fungal growth when they are young. To protect it cover your plant in a fine layer of grit and water from below with a long-lasting fungicide.

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