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Harold Porter National Botanical Garden


Aloe longistyla

Aloe longistyla, commonly called ramenas or Karoo aloe, is a stemless, short-lived leaf succulent, in flower reaching heights around 20 cm.


Aloe khamiesensis

Aloe khamiesensis is a single-stemmed or two-branched succulent tree of up to 3 m in height (SA Tree List No.29.3). Dead leaves tend to persist below the live leaf rosette; only the lowest stem part sheds them. Some say that the bare bottom stem parts are caused by animals rubbing the dead leaves off, suggesting that they would persist to ground level where no interference had taken place. (The phenomenon of dead plant parts persisting on the live plant is known as marcescence.)


Aloe claviflora

Quite a sight, Aloe claviflora in full bloom! Apart from the kraalaalwyn common name, the plant has acquired further Afrikaans names in its inland distribution area of the Great Karoo, western Free State, Northern Cape and Namibia:

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