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Burns and Cuts

Burns and Cuts

Aloe vera has been used for many years to treat mild to moderate skin wounds such as cuts, burns, and even sunburn. Aloe vera is known to work so well that people have often called it The Burn Tree or The First Aid Plant.

 aloe vera is a medicinal plant that has been traditionally used since 1500 BC in several different countries such as China, Japan, Mexico, Egypt, Greece and India. It is used to treat first-to second-degree burns including sunburn. Because aloe vera increases the collagen content of the wound and also changes the collagen composition and increases the degree of collagen cross-linking it accelerates wound healing and increases the breaking strength of the resulting scar tissue.

aloe vera is the name most often used for A Vera Linne or A Barbadensis Miller, the plant has over 400 identified species. A vera leaf has got chemical compounds such as acetylated mannes, polymannans, anthraquinone, anthrones and lectins. The gel from the leaf pulp has been used in many cosmetic and alternative medicines for rejuvenation, wound healing and other dermatological conditions.

The outcome of studies and research shows that aloe vera is unanimously considered the most ideal dressing. It can also be a very effective treatment on chronic skin wounds such as psoriasis lesions. However please take care to never use aloe vera on an open wound.

It is worth noting that aloe vera has proven to be more effective on chronic wounds than on acute wounds. Studies and research have shown us that using aloe vera can reduce your recovery time by 9 days. Using it as a wound dressing once or twice a day has proven to be more effective than some of the current treatments. It helps to reduce your recovery time but also helps to prevent infection from taking place and keeps away redness and itching. It has been discovered that aloe vera cream or gel can help to reduce pain and recovery time on postoperative wounds as well.

It is known by some that even Alexander the Great and Christopher Columbus used aloe vera frequently to treat their soldiers' wounds. Because aloe vera aids in wound healing and helps to treat skin problems it is more often used as an ointment applying it to the problem area rather than consuming it directly.


Never attempt to use aloe vera at home to treat third or fourth-degree burns or very severe sunburn as these burns are a medical emergency and must be treated in a hospital.

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