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All about Aloes is a site for Aloe Enthusiasts by Aloe Enthusiasts.

We are everyday people with an interest in aloes. We are not trained botanists or PhD's, though we would love your input if you are! Volunteers send us photos, identify or write about them. If you would like to contribute please feel free to contact us. We are always looking for new photos of aloes and people who can write about it. Please note, we are very happy to attribute a photo to the person who took the photo or to acknowledge the author who helped to identify or wrote about the aloe and are happy to create a link to your personal page if you have one. Unfortunately we do not at present financially compensate individuals for their contributions. 

All about Aloes is also an experiment. At present the bulk of the content comes from Operation Wild Flower, a website dedicated to further the idea of awareness to interest, involvement and conservation of wild flowers, by sharing the wild flowers from South Africa with the entire world. The Operation Wild Flower website that receives thousands of hits a day is however entirely free of adds, eCommerce or charging membership fees. The family dedicating their time and resources to the advancement and upkeep of the website prefers to keep it that way. While it is possible for now, we as friends of Operation Wild Flower are exploring ways to keep that sustainable for the generations to come. 

All about Aloes is the first of a number of potential All about  websites that will focus on one family of wild flowers at a time, with the founding content being provided by Operation Wild Flower. Over time each of these sites will develop their own identity and revenue model, but will stay closely aligned with Operation Wild Flower and donate a percentage of their profits to Operation Wild Flower to allow it to stay independent and add free.

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All About... Aloes

For Aloe Enthusiasts by Aloe Enthusiasts

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